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Photography websites of the week

Each week The Telegraph finds another best photography website of the week, of course this is arbitrary but having looked through some of them whilst having a coffee break I thought it a useful page to book mark and so I share it with you. It goes back forever it seems so you can see the photography website of the week from 1853 if you want


The Argus C3 from Ilott Vintage http://www.ilottvintage.com

A helpful article on how to get your first book published as a photographer

Week beginning 18 August

Super Massive Black Hole is an online magazine, focusing on contemporary photography, which is available to download as a PDF three times a year

Week beginning 11 August

Cultural interviews and text on photography at Papercuts

Week beginning 4 August

Video: Leaving Home, Coming Home: A Portrait of Robert Frank, 2005

Week beginning 28 July

This new tool by Calumet allows assistants to promote themselves and professional photographers to find photography assistants.

Week beginning 21 July

Magnum photographer René Burri takes us on a journey through six images from his archive.

Week beginning 14th July

Erik Johansson talking about how he goes about creating his famous Surrealist Photographs

Week beginning 7 July

James Jowers‘s images of New York City in the 1960s

Week beginning 30 June

A series of images by Maja Flink who photographed generations, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons.

Week beginning 23 June

Top mobile photographers share their tips for stunning images.


Go here for the rest

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