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10 Remarkable Traits All Photographers Have (According to Hollywood)

From the good ship Lightstalking

Yes these are all true, it sums up my life perfectly…..

Ever seen a photographer in a movie? Well, we’ll leave out the likelihood that it was a male photojournalist in a war zone exposing the “truth” (like no other type of photographer exists) and move straight onto the golden cliches that Hollywood likes to push. Here are a few things that our new hero almost certainly has:

Rugged Good Looks – Well this one goes without saying. We are all a remarkably handsome bunch of people. No arguments with that one! Let’s move on…


An Infinite Travel Budget – When you hit the road in a movie, it’s all about the story and the shots. Now the photographers in any movie, in addition to being remarkably handsome and incredibly stylish are also able to travel basically forever. Without thought. Or presumably cost.

I guess that means they are all really rich. Which is great, because the reality is that most photographers earn about half the average national income. Personally, I’d be taking the movie gig any time.

An Uncanny Ability to Find Awesome Bars and Hotels in the Third World – Anybody who has ever been to a developing country will know that the chances of finding a good bar in or near a warzone can be somewhat limited. Hell, finding clean water is often a pretty challenging experience, let alone a traditional Parisian Sidecar cocktail made to specification by a barman wearing a tuxedo who was trained at The Ritz.

A clean toilet – now that’s something a lot of us would actually settle for.

Many have horror stories of arguing with a dreadlocked Aussie backpacker who was “finding himself” by working for food at a crappy hostel with bed bugs and trying to charge extra for a shower. I honestly wish we could have this superhuman ability to find the amazing war hotels of Hollywood legend. I’d probably move in………READ ON HERE or should that be rock on

All Fun Aside, Here are Some Great Movies With Photographers



2 responses to “10 Remarkable Traits All Photographers Have (According to Hollywood)

  1. Jane Buekett June 16, 2014 at 3:49 pm

    The bit about the awesome bar reminds me of ordering a margarita in a hotel in Dar Es Salaam that was trying to be very Western. They mixed the salt into the drink, and put sugar on the rim. More emetic than cocktail. And I am not even a proper photographer.

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