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Daily Archives: June 7, 2014

Is Photography Art?

That old chestnut, what do you think? Fortunately you don’t have to spend too much time on it as it is a questions addressed in an article on the BBC website

Is photography art? Today the answer is simple, indeed photography is more popular than ever and arguably the visual art of choice for the masses, but half a century ago the debate still raged.

In a new book, Photography Today, writer, artist and lecturer Mark Durden analyses more than 500 works by 150 artists from the past 50 years, exploring the impact of various genres, from pop art to documentary.

Here Durden offers his insight on ten important photographic works from the book. There is an investigation into 10 photographers which you might like to look at and read the justifications for this being art…go here for the full article

Here are images by some of the photographers discussed,


Audience 1 Florence, 2004 by Thomas Struth


The Museum Director, 1998 by Erwin Wurm


L’eau, 2007 by Saidou Dicko


Lament of the Images (detail), 2002 by Alfredo Jaar
Dining Room (Francis Place) (II), 1997 by Sarah Jones


Yes I agree….. read the justifications here