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Daily Archives: June 3, 2014

John Wilhelm is a photoholic

John is clearly a man with a vision, a vision that likes to mess with your head.





There is one thing of importance in my life (of course after my family, friends and regular job): Everything connected to photography and photoshopping. I’m not a professional but I’ve got a professional attitude and I think I’m able to deliver professional work with professional reliability. John Wilhelm…..



I found out about John from Lightstalking, that ever interesting site from down under.

Often in photography, people concern themselves with realism and accurate portrayals of scenes and there is obviously a big place for that. But sometimes, it’s nice to be taken into pure fantasy by a photographer with a huge imagination and no inhibitions.

John Wilhelm is a photographer with a very playful mind and a great grasp of using Photoshop to share his fantastic ideas. Check out some of these fantastic manipulations….more



see more of John’s work here