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Nikon D4s review



From Digital Camera World

Hi, I’m Angela Nicholson, head of testing for Future’s photography portfolio and today I’m going to reviewing the Nikon D4S, the upgrade to the D4.

Nikon tells us that the Nikon D4S has a new full-frame or FX format sensor with 16.23million effective pixels. The Nikon D4 has 16.25 million effective pixels – so there’s very little difference and the pixel pitch is the same.

Nikon isn’t willing to divulge how the Nikon D4S’s sensor design differs from the Nikon D4’s, but the combination of it and the new Expeed 4 processing engine has allowed the company to increase the native sensitivity range by 1 stop making it ISO100 to 25,600.

The headline grabber, however, is the maximum expansion setting, which has been pushed to a whopping ISO 409,600.

Achieving an image at this setting is impressive, but the results aren’t especially pretty and there’s banding visible even at quite small viewing sizes.

However, it’s worth remembering that this is an expansion setting, so Nikon isn’t intending for it to be used routinely. It’s designed for use in one-off situations when getting an image in near darkness is essential or a huge bonus. It could prove useful to photo journalists working in war zones or disaster areas for example.

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