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Are you a young European under 26? Are you a photo enthusiast? Do you think Europe can be ‘Instagrammed’? 

This month we are asking young Europeans to post an interesting image (or two!) of an alternative energy source. The theme is connected to increasing the share of renewable energy to 20 % by 2020!

Image to be posted on Instagram under the hashtag: “#energy_goes_insta”

The shortlisted finalists selected based on the highest number of likes will win a trip to Brussels (visit of the European Commission premises and the European Parliament) and also have the chance to win a tour of the set during the production of the RTL TV show “YOLO – Das große W” in an exotic location across the EU (2015).

Please note the following:
– the entries should be sent via Instagram before 15 May
– the participants should not be older than 25
– the Instagram profile of the participants should be set as “public” so we can find the entry

Here is a competition that may interest you, personally I don’t care about Instagram at all, it is not real photography although I concede it is image making. The application of filters to make something more interesting flies completely in the face of creative artists for whom one click wonders must be an anathema


Full details here

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