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Making a great travel book

Blurb make digital books, and very nice they are too. If your think of yourself as a photographer at any level you should be committing your best images to some form of hard copy. Being on line, having them on your ipad, whatever form of screen based display you use it is not as good as a hard copy.

What makes a great travel book? It’s not just the location or the camera. A superior travel book is one part photographer’s eye, one part careful curation and editing, and one part thoughtful organization and construction. A great travel book doesn’t just collect images, it tells a story. It conveys the meaning of a place and it gets inside the place—it may even tell a little bit about the author and why they travel.


We asked four photographers for tips—a pretty international group, representing the United States, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Thailand. We asked them about the books they made, the cameras they shoot with, and just what it is that they’re looking for when they hit the road.



neil-hebert-this-is-china“…I can tell you that I had about 600 images to chose from, and about 100 made it into the book. You have to be picky when you’re putting your work out there, plus the images have to work.”
Neil Herbert



“The reactions have been phenomenal, my 25 limited-edition copies sold in a week and the normal edition is still selling. I have received so much encouraging positive feedback from everyone who has seen the book and it seems to have taken on a life of its own.”
Flemming Bo Jensen

Read the whole of this article/advertorial here

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