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Thinking of going to medium format digital?

In the days of film using a medium format camera was a sign that either you were a very serious amateur or a professional photographer, the eye watering prices of medium format digital cameras means that it really is only the preserve of the very serious professional photographer. Here are 5 for you to dream about from Photo District News By Michael McEnaney

It’s true that the camera is only a part of photography’s creative equation: the true artistry comes from the shooter. But when a shoot demands excruciatingly fine detail and exceptional image quality, medium-format cameras continue to help shooters consistently deliver.

There are those photographers who will tell you there is an entirely different “look, taste and feel” present when shooting medium format. It may be more involved, and the cameras are certainly more expensive, but in an industry where there’s so much sameness, loyalists insist that the unique look medium-format cameras can deliver make them worth the extra effort and higher price tag.

“It’s the look, pure and simple,” says Brooklyn, New York-based fashion photographer Sandy Ramirez. “There is a very definite and unique ‘look’ to medium format. It comes from the fact that you end up using longer focal lengths to get the same frame of view. This gives better subject isolation and has a wonderful 3-D look to it. Pure and simple, it just looks different.”

“There is a certain and very distinct esthetic allure inherent in medium-format photography that this technology has always owned,” explains another New York City photographer, Jim Cummins. He adds, “It’s something special with the tonality, detail and sharpness of the image that draws you in.”

Pentax-645D-medium-format-camera Phase-One-IQ2-Series-digital-camera-backs Mamiya-Leaf-Credo-digial-camera-back Leica-S-medium-format-camera(1) Hasselblad-H5D-medium-format-camera(1)


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One response to “Thinking of going to medium format digital?

  1. dadardago March 13, 2014 at 11:33 am

    My favourite medium format of all time is the folding Zeiss Super Ikonta BX 533/16 (I think it was named after a contemporaneous romantic poet). All those things described above, in something that really does fit in a jacket pocket – though best to carry a small brick in the other pocket to maintain the line of the suit. Hard for an amateur to justify the cost of medium format digital, but there are so many good-quality film bodies & lenses available for remarkably little money these days :-/

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