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Luigi Ghirri Photographer

I came across this photographer when watching a video on the Art of Photography series on colour theory . I had never heard of Ghirri before and so was interested to track down some of his images which remind me in some way of Eggleston and Leiter and maybe Nadav Kander. My tracking brought me to Dazed, a site not my state of being where there are images and a biog, have a look.



Revered for its bright colours and naturally high contrast, Eastman Kodak’s iconic Kodachromefilm remained a favourite amongst professional and amateur photographers alike for decades after its introduction in 1935. As Steve McCurry said of the now-discontinued film after shooting the last roll to come of the assembly line a few years ago: “Kodachrome had more poetry in it, a softness, an elegance.” 

Perhaps it was that soft elegance that inspired the legendary Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri’sunique style when he first began taking pictures of his surroundings in the early 1970s. Born in Scandiano in the northeastern part of Italy in 1942, Ghirri moved to the city of Modena in his twenties, where he put on his first exhibitions and developed a deep passion for the medium. He would spend the rest of his life on a quest to analyse his environments through the complex language of the camera, pioneering Italian colour photography in the process.  READ MORE FROM DAZED

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