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Daily Archives: March 9, 2014

10 things Nikon should do next

From N Photo via Digital Camera World we find this fascinating article

Recently our friends at N-Photo sat down for one of their usual afternoon summits. Only this time, rather than musing on the next issue of the magazine, the team produced a series of ground-breaking ideas for future Nikon DSLRs!

Their only criteria in plotting Nikon’s future was that their idea has to be technically possible, genuinely useful or jaw-droppingly clever.

Prepare to be amazed as we reveal their vision for the future…


1. Electronic level information embedded in EXIF data

Many Nikon DSLRs already have electronic levels, and it surely wouldn’t be difficult to encode the tilt of the camera at the time the shot was taken into the image’s EXIF data. Your software could then correct any tilt automatically!
Angela Nicholson, Head of Testing

2. Touch-screen displays

Not for taking control of the camera completely, but for quickly selecting menu options, or for zooming in on image in playback mode. It would save lots of boring button-pressing. The on-screen interface on the D3000/D5000 series is crying out for touch-screen control!