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Canon 1200D vs Nikon D3300 vs Pentax K-500: which is the best entry level DSLR?

Which beginner DSLR is best for your needs? Find out in our Canon 1200D vs Nikon D3300 vs Pentax K-500 comparison. 

Sony has swapped over to SLT and ILCE non-reflex camera designs, and Olympus has committed to mirrorless Micro Four Thirds designs, which means that Canon, Nikon and Pentax are the only mainstream digital SLR makers left.

Canon and Nikon are the big names in this market, while Pentax is more of an outsider, but one that always offers an interesting alternative.

All three have recently announced new entry-level DSLRs , and while they’re all aimed at cost-conscious newcomers, they offer three very different approaches.

The Canon EOS 1200D is the newest, following hot on the heels of the Nikon D3300. The Pentax K-500, by contrast, has been around since the middle of 2012. Digital Camera World telling it as it is



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