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Daily Archives: November 10, 2013

Edward Burtynsky WATER Exhibition

These images of water are quite beautiful, the exhibition is only on until 23rd November so if you are in London get along to Cork Street

Water is the most recent instalment of the artist’s investigation into our continually compromised environment. Weaving
together the various roles that it plays in everyday life, Burtynsky has undertaken an ambitious representation of water’s
increasingly fragmented life cycle. Often from an aerial perspective, the photographs take on a unique abstraction and
painterly quality. Many of the images focus our attention not on water itself, but on the systems that humans have put in
place in order to harness, shape and commodify it. Water follows the format of previous projects such as Oil, China and
Quarries in it’s encyclopaedic exploration of a broad theme through a series of connected chapters or locations….MORE

Flowers Gallery 21 Cork Street
Edward Burtynsky WATER
16 October – 23 november 2013
London W1S 3LZ +44 (0)20 7439 7766

Go here for the exhibition website




ImageResizerXiaolangdi Dam #1, Yellow River, Henan Province, China, 2011 Chromogenic Print

All images from Edward Burtynsky WATER