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Daily Archives: August 29, 2013

Photographer Nick Turpin offers his advice for budding street photographers

“I am a Street Photographer because, quite simply, it is the hardest challenge I have found in photography,” says photographer Nick Turpin. “I have shot front page national newspaper images in riots, I have shot glossy magazine fashion spreads, I have shot multi million dollar Ad campaigns in New York and none of these are easy but none of them compare with standing in Piccadilly Circus on a Saturday morning with a small camera and a standard lens trying to make something amazing out of the everyday. That is why over the last 22 years as a professional photographer I keep coming back to the street.”

 He adds: “More than anything Street Photography is an attitude, it is an openness to being amazed by what comes your way, it is unlearning the habit of categorising and dismissing the everyday as being ‘just the everyday’ and beginning to recognise that extraordinary, beautiful and subtle stories are occurring in front of you everyday of your life if you can see them. I actually think you can be a Street Photographer without a camera and without making photographs, it is really just the more insecure Street Photographers like myself that actually have to record and show off their ability to ‘see’.”
Image © Nick Turpin

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