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5 DIY Photography Projects to Save You Money

Jason Little  writes for Lightstalking, he is a photographer (shooting macros, portraits, candids, and the occasional landscape), part time writer, and full time lover of music. You can see Jason’s photography on his photography blog

Professionals and hobbyists alike realize that photography equipment is expensive. The high costs of gear and accessories is a fact of life for pros and enthusiasts but, for most everyone else, these costs can be downright prohibitive. 

Price, however, shouldn’t hamper your creativity. In fact, a little creative thinking and some tinkering will make it possible for you to have all sorts of useful photography accessories, from tripods to lighting setups to macro lenses — all without the exorbitant price tags. 

Interested in saving some precious coin? Read on to learn how.


3802715047_51751e6418My DIY Ring Flash by trazomfreak, on Flickr

Click Here: 5 DIY Photography Projects to Save You Money

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