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Daily Archives: August 13, 2013

New Landscapes of Photography – a project by Jonathan Shaw and Grant Scott

New Landscapes of Photography, a multiplatform photography book-project by Jonathan Shaw and Grant Scott. GRAIN, the Library of Birmingham photography hub, is delighted to announce its latest project in partnership with Coventry University and Jonathan Shaw. New Landscapes of Photography, is a multi-platform book-project about the new landscape of visual storytelling through lens-based media in the digital age by Jonathan Shaw and Grant Scott. This book-project is an attempt to offer to new and emerging audiences simplicity rather than simplification of the terrain, an opportunity to understand and engage rather than just passively know.

 Published on web, in ePub and in print (version 1.0) simultaneously in October 2013, New Landscapes of Photography is a ‘living book’ that seeks to create a space for active dialogue and an exchange of ideas for photo-enthusiasts and photo-communities around the globe.