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10 Photography Grants and Scholarships for Amateurs and Professionals

Support for photographers is something to be applauded. we sit in that strange place between art and commerce, well some do. It is thought that if you are a photographer you must earn your living that way and so a grant would be free money. But for many photographers earning a living is almost impossible because they do not work as a photographer, they just are photographers. This article on Lightstalking By   a freelance travel, culture and documentary photographer based in the Philippines. . You can see his work at www.jacobimages.com

For many of us photographers, whether hobbyists or professionals, there are times when additional resources are needed to continue or progress our work. Photography projects can be very time intensive and often require a lot of financial resources to see them to the end. I am a big believer in hard work, but without financial support our hard work can often go nowhere. One avenue of finding those financial resources is through photography grants or scholarships. I have complied a short list of ongoing photography grants and scholarships for those amateurs, students or working professionals. Again, this is a short list and there are many others out there if you search for them. Those listed below cover most all genera of photography, but most emphasis editorial, photojournalism and documentary.

Click Here: 10 Photography Grants and Scholarships for Amateurs and Professionals

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