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Tutorials for Photographers: ACR 7 – Lens Correction Tool

This useful article on lens corrections in Photoshop on the SJP blog might help you to understand lens aberrations

SJP - Tips & Lessons

Today, I’ll show you each tab in the Lens Correction area: Profile, Color & Manual.  These tools will correct or manipulate your images.  Have fun and play with each slider! The image below is in the video.  I wanted to share my four-leaf clovers…wishing you all  just a bit of good luck from the O’Sullivan Clan!  Yep, we’re O’Sullivan’s, Grandpa said he dropped the “O” in the Atlantic Ocean when he came over, lol!

Whtie Clover Flower

FYI… Our new “Road Trippin” eBook and video tutorials is available!  It’s on sale now for $10 until Monday so hurry and grab it at a cheaper price!  A huge THANK YOU to all that have purchased it!!


Janice Sullivan (O’Sullivan)  🙂

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One response to “Tutorials for Photographers: ACR 7 – Lens Correction Tool

  1. Janice Sullivan June 28, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    Thank you Oxford School of Photography!

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