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Daily Archives: June 1, 2013

Stolen Childhoods

the Art of Split Tone Photography

Rob over at Lighstalking has put together these useful resources for anyone interested in split toning

Split tone photography is a technique that has allowed photographers to produce some of the most amazing shots you will ever see. Done well, it can transform a scene into an eerie or stark movie-like scape. Done poorly, it doesn’t look too great at all. We decided to trawl the internet for the best resources on the art of split tone photography so that you can hone your own skills……..

What is Split Tone Photography?

Split toning uses more than one colour to tone an image.

Backgrounder: In traditional print photography, toning was a way to change the basic colour of black and white photographs (traditional toning still creates a monochromatic image). Perhaps the most popular type of toning done traditionally was Sepia which produced a brown to orange cast and warms the overall photograph.

Experimentation with traditional forms of toning such as sepia eventually lead to several ways to “split tone” a photograph. For example, with sepia photographs, if the final bleaching was incomplete, the result was that the highlights would be sepia with the mid-tones and shadows remaining grey. This was one of the original ways to “split tone” a photograph.…..MORE




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Click Here: Some Really Useful Resources for Making You a Master at the Art of Split Tone Photography