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At Home With The Furries

This is a project by Tom Broadbent,  a photographer and picture editor based in London. I saw his work first in The Sunday Times colour supplement section called Spectrum. This is always a good source of interesting photography. Tom has been photographing Furries, people who enjoy wearing animal outfits. Here is what Tom says of the project on his blog

The aim of my photo project: At Home With The Furries has been and always will be to make a book and exhibition with the images. About a year ago, at one of the regular furry meets, I was having a catch-up with my furry friends and I spoke to them about getting the series placed in a broadsheet supplement. Mainly in order to give the series added impetus and publicity. They were very supportive of this idea, as they have been of the entire project, from beginning to end ( well near the end at least!!). Couldn’t have done it without you all, cheers guys!!

At Home With The Furries

At Home With The Furries

At Home With The Furries

At Home With The Furries

 You can see more of Tom’s work here


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