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Why Good Photography Isn’t About the Gear

I was out in Australia over Christmas and I wish I had met up with Phil Hill, he sounds like someone I would get along with. Here, on the excellent Lightstalking site,  he makes some very fine points about equipment. I think he would probably agree with my often mentioned one liner, “if you don’t like your pictures don’t blame your camera”

With the release of the Nikon d800 and the Canon 5d mk3 many people will have no doubt begun checking their bank statements a bit more carefully and thinking about increasing that credit limit by a measly few thousand.

This got me thinking, how many bells and whistles do you actually need to take a great photograph anyway? Too many cameras are now available with enough fancy settings to give the geekiest of technology nerd’s nightmares…..With this in mind I decided I would go out and shoot some landscapes with my girlfriend’s entry level and well-used Canon 1000d and its bog standard 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 kit lens…more

Here is one of Phil’s pictures to illustrate this article

City-Beach-Perth-Australia-7042City Beach Lifeguard tower. f22 @ 3.2 sec ISO 400 ©Phil Hill

he concludes his article with The bottom line of course is that to become technically proficient at taking photographs all you really need is the ability to control aperture and shutter speed and you can do that for far less money than many of the cameras on the market will openly admit too. Think of it as if learning to play football brilliantly barefoot, then going out to get a gleaming pair of boots – bells and whistles will only complement a solid set of skills.

So if you have a camera and you don’t understand why your pictures aren’t great you might want to take a course, here is a link to our current schedule

Freelance travel and editorial photographer originally from the UK but find myself in Western Australia, Based in the amazing Scarborough, Perth, WA.

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