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Car shoot with Jeff Ludes and Liu Bolin

I have found a new photo blog (new to me) that is full of interesting stuff, the second thing I found I thought was worth sharing. Anthony Luke’s not-just-another-photoblog has an article about the Chinese artist Liu Bolin, the guy that paints himself so that he disappears into the background (we blogged about him before here) working with a car photographer on a shoot for Ford

Watch automotive photographer Jeff Ludes in action, as he shoot magnificent print ads for the new Ford Fusion downtown Los Angeles. Working under the Ford brand concept, “go further”, Jeff Ludes and his team worked towards creating art, not just an ad.

Watch how he uses the skills of Chinese street artist Liu Bolin and the image quality of the IQ160 and IQ180. “So, this is a little different than what we usually do. What we do is, we get our camera angle, we put everything in place, plot out the hero car, we will shoot a blank frame, put the cars back in and then superimpose those on each other.

jeff_ludes_fusion_invisible_06 jeff_ludes_fusion_invisible_02

Read the whole piece here


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