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Voies Off Prize – Photography Competition for young photographers

Since 1996, Voies off presents a wide vision of the international emerging photography through the selections for the Voies off Prize. The Voies Off prize is awarded to an artist for the clarity of his/her vision and the high quality of his/her work. The laureate receives a grant of 2,500 euros during the Voies Off festival of « rencontres d’arles », at the beginning of July.

Acclaimed by internationals experts, the Voies Off Prize represents a real opportunity for the career of a young photographer. Aware of the wealth of the students photographic works, I request your collaboration to be able to communicate at best this call to application within your school.

Concerning the modalities, the students can submit an application on their proper name, if they need. In this case, the participation fee is 25 euros.

Please be also aware of the possibility for a school or a group of students to deposit a collective application. The participation fee is 25 euros for the collective and then 10 euros per student.

You can download the call for submissions and the rules at the following address:



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