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British Journal of Photography Ones to Watch: Lauren Marsolier

French-born Lauren Marsolier started taking photos when she was 12, but it was during her early twenties, while printing in the darkroom and finding she could control the final print, that her interest in photography was fully realised. “I liked the idea of actually making an image, not just taking it,” she comments. For Marsolier, who’s been based in Los Angeles for the past three years, making photographs is the first step in her creative process. Her hyper-real images are shot in different places over the course of several months, then altered, layered and blended into seamless digital compositions. “I’m interested in how we perceive and define reality, and how today’s gigantic flow of images is changing the way we relate to the physical world,” she says. “I am fascinated by the mind and how to reflect subjective experiences in pictures.”.…READ MORE HERE

LWCC1 Playground 2Image © Lauren Marsolier.

More of Lauren’s work here

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