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Daily Archives: December 23, 2012

7 Reasons to Shoot RAW

It may be that time of year when you are not thinking about your photography, you may have other things on your mind although photography should never be far from your visual senses as  Dorethea Lange says “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera”

Anyway a little technical post. I believe that if you are serious you should shoot in RAW format, I know it means more hassle, more time in front of the illuminated rectangle but I truly believe your results will improve. This post on photographyblogger.net lists 7 reasons why you should consider shooting RAW

I have nothing against JPGs but I think a photographer should only shoot RAW except in special circumstances where JPGs are needed, for example when having to shoot burst speed. In this short article I will list my top 7 reasons to shoot in RAW. Yes, I got tired of top ten things, so let’s do a top 7.


1. To store the most from each photo.

This is my #1 reason why photographers should shoot RAW even if they don’t know how to process a RAW file. A RAW contains all the information the camera sensor recorded from the scene; if in the future we learn how to edit our photos better or new applications are created to edit photos, the only way to be able to use these new tools and knowledge in our photos is to keep the RAWs. Even if you don’t do anything with them just store them, disk space is cheap and if you ever need them, then you have them. Imagine a new tool that can do something great to photos but needs a RAW file as the input…

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