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Daily Archives: November 30, 2012

Best Photography Ebooks

I love photography books, I have many, mostly monographs by specific photographers but I also have a few ‘how to do it’ books. The trouble with the latter is that once you have mastered what is on offer the book is a bit redundant. The cost is part of this concern but also that any book published this week was probably written 2 years ago and in the days of digital everything moves more quickly than that.

I have bought ebooks since they were first available, I really like take instruction in this way, I find the quality of reproduction a joy and if you manage to hit upon a series or writer you like and trust then even buying a number of books costs next to nothing.

I am a great advocate of the Craft & Vision ebooks, these cover technical and visual matters in clear and well presented publications and cost only about £3.25, at that price I feel it is worth taking a chance but I have to say I have never been disappointed by a Craft & Vision ebook. Have a look at what they have here

Here are some of their ebooks


Making the Print  Printing Techniques For the Digital Photographer (A Masterclass) Martin Bailey


Beyond Thirds A Photographer’s Introduction to Creative Composition Andrew S. Gibson


Up Close A Guide to Macro & Up Close Photography Andrew S. Gibson


Close To Home Finding Great Photographs in Your Own Backyard Stuart Sipahigil


Vision is Better Free the Mind, Free the Camera David duChemin

See the full catalogue of ebooks here, remember they are only £3.25 each or cheaper if you buy 5 or more

How to Photograph Senior Portraits That Will Take Pride of Place on the Mantlepiece

Over here in the UK we think of seniors as being people over 65, elsewhere the term ‘senior’ refers to late teens, odd huh?

We have a great friend and former student called Harriet Chen who is fantastic at this sort of work, have a look at her pictures here

©Harriet ChenScreen shot 2012-11-30 at 16.07.42Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 16.08.13All photos ©Harriet Chen

. over at Lightstalking has written an article about shooting seniors (somehow that sounds so wrong!) have a look at it here

Bravo! You’ve got that nice camera and a great lens, why not put it to good use? You can have some fun, and perhaps, maybe even save a few bucks along the way. However, here is a secret you may not know. It’s not as easy as it looks. It doesn’t take a whole trunk-load of gear to get great results. What it does take is a little time, a small investment in materials, a good sense of humor, and a willingness to work with your subject.

Here’s a checklist to get you started.

  1. You need a location.
  2. Clothing and perhaps props.
  3. A camera and lens. A DSLR with a selection of lenses would be nice but it’s not mandatory. You can also do this with a point-and-shoot camera as well.
  4. Simple lighting and light modification gear.
  5. A few extra human bodies will come in handy.

Want more……Click Here: How to Photograph Senior Portraits That Will Take Pride of Place on the Mantlepiece