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From those diligent chaps at Lightstalking we get this

Toad Hollow Photography has been working very hard all week searching the internet for the links to tutorials, great photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone.  This week’s comprehensive list features some great photography and blogs dedicated to the craft.  We hope you enjoy perusing this list as much as the Toad did in bringing it to you.

Check out the Toad’s latest feature blog post “Resurrecting Our Heritage” that discusses a wonderful old heritage church on Vancouver Island that was almost lost to developers.  A local art enthusiast has just purchased this beautiful church with plans to convert it to a community art center.  A happy ending, indeed!


A Brush of Warmth – Behind My Eyes – Jim Denham delivers an in-depth look at new features delivered in the latest versions of Lightroom and Aperture.  The newly included white balance filters now give the artist complete control over the white balance in a scene, helping to create images that appear more natural looking in nature or giving the artist extra tools to create the vision they were going for.  This is a very well written piece by Jim that features example images and screenshots to walk the reader through the concept.

Life Before Photoshop: Microsoft – this article contains some great insights into how to compose and technically work on that perfect shot without the aid of post-processing.  Joe Baraban delivers an article here that adds so much value, even if you do a lot of work in the digital realm post-processing as most of us do these days, as it will enhance your technical abilities and tools.  This will, I believe, result in better imagery.

How to Use Bracketing in Your Photography – this is a great article that discusses the technicalities behind bracketing in photography.  The post illustrates the points presented with some great example photography, allowing the reader to instantly understand the concept.  This is a well written and easy to understand piece.


Chasing The Ghosts of Gettysburg – this extensive collection of photographs by A.D. Wheeler features the site of Gettysburg and the items on display there.  A.D.’s spot-on compositions bring all the inherent drama and mystique of a place that must surely be haunted.  Each image is easily seen as a masterpiece and the collection as a whole is enchanting beyond proper description, you just have to see it yourself.

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