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Photography Tutorials and Links 14.9.2012

From the vaulted halls of Lightstalking comes this from Toad Hollow Photography. A weeks worth of great photography links and tutorials in one hit.

Sometimes referred to as a “photography addict” the Toad never seems to stop hopping around the internet looking for great tutorials, photography and interesting blogs.  This weeks list contains a comprehensive set of links to some of the best resources that Toad Hollow Photography could find during the course of the week.  We really hope you enjoy viewing and reading these images and articles as much as the Toad did in bringing them to you.

Check out the Toad’s latest blog post that takes us inside the oldest schoolhouse in Western Canada to see what life was like over 150 years ago!  The feature “Don’t Be Late For Class” showcases 15 new images of the interior and discusses the rich history and heritage that makes this one of Canada’s most prized National Historic Sites.

Here is a small taste of what is on offer this week


Let’s Talk About Water: Tips for Photographing Waterfalls – this brief article from Blake Rudis discusses varying techniques to use to capture waterfall images.  Blake includes a set of example images in this post to help illustrate the point he is making here.

Photographic Equipment: The Reflector – as a natural light photographer myself, I use reflectors periodically in my work.  This is a brief but good article discussing this practice by Joe Baraban that also includes 12 sample photos that showcase the results.

Master the Art of Photographic Composition – this is a fabulous post that discusses the art of composition in photography.  Illustrated with great images, this feature goes in-depth into the concept of composition, with the promise of more articles to come in the future.

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