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Photographer required for charity event

I do honestly feel that everyone, every organisation, every person who needs a photographer should be prepared to pay something for one. How else are we expected to pay our bills let alone feed our children? Every week I get requests from people asking us, through our school of photography, to help them have photographs taken for free. Most end up immediately in the trash can. If a company, organisation, person has premises and pays staff then they should pay a professional photographer; as for the ‘it will help your portfolio’ just don’t get me started.

Ok rant out of the way.

Sometimes I receive requests to help and the charity is worthwhile and worthy of support, I do try to check them out on their websites. This came through over the weekend and you might feel tempted to help. Looking at the pictures from past events they do need a photographer, perhaps you could become more of a permanent fixture.


Yellow Submarine is holding a gala screening of ‘Mamma Mia’ at the phoenix cinema for people with learning disabilities. There will be a red carpet and lots of people in ABBA fancy dress! We would like a photographer to take pictures of people arriving and at the after party at the Jericho Tavern.

You will be fully credited for all photos taken.

Yellow Submarine?….About Yellow submarine: Yellow Submarine is an Oxfordshire based charity working with people with learning disabilities to provide holidays and activities. You can read more at www.yellowsubmarine.org.uk

Here is the info:

When:    Saturday 21st July

                10:45am photos taken as people arrive

                1-2pm photos taken at after party in Jericho Tavern

Contact:   Toby Staveley 01865 249662                         toby@yellowsubmarine.org.uk

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