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Anyone Can Learn Photoshop With Tutorials At Photoshop Essentials

I am not in the habit of recommending places where you should spend money but in this instance I make an exception. I found Photoshop Essentials in the usual way, looking for something else, followed some links and ended up at a place I hadn’t expected but found something interesting. Isn’t that what everyone does…..?

So Photoshop Essentials is a site with lots and lots of photoshop tutorials, so what you say. Well this is really well organised and every tutorial I have looked at is on the button. They are organised as pdfs which you can download and then follow the very easy steps to achieve the result you were looking for. There are tutorials dealing with absolute first basics through to quite complicated procedures. There is some free stuff there but the thing that costs and which I think is worth the money is the opportunity to download all the current pdfs available for less than $20, that is about £13.50 in real money.

You can sign up for the one month membership which is $20 or longer if you want more regular use. In the first month you can download all the current pdfs if you want to use at your leisure, if using photoshop is how you spend your leisure time.

OK that is enough of a plug, just to say I am not connected to this site I just think it is pretty good, check it out for yourself here.

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