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By way of support for a local Oxford gallery I bring you this notification of a photo competition. Although I do like to support any attempt to foster an interest in photography I think it is a huge mistake to allow work created before the announcement of the competition. I think they should only accept new work otherwise, as was seen at another recent exhibition, you get the same tired old photographers trotting out their same old tired photographs. Be bold make new work.

colour/ film/ digital/ B & W/ experimental/ – anything!
Rummage in your negs & files, or start clicking, now the light is good and the spring advanced.
Entry fee £10 first image, £5 subsequent images.

Submit by 20th July.
PRIZEShaving work hung on a gallery wall and….

  1. £250

  2. £100

  3. £50

Digital submission possible -disc or attached to email to: artjericho@hotmail.co.uk    jpg/ tif etc

If work is selected, you will be notified, so then a print can be made & brought to the gallery, ready to hang – black or white frames only. The gallery has a small stock of black frames that may be borrowed :

external dimension is 40 x 50 cm. The mounts have an A3 (29cm x 39cm)  window, but work can be in any mount that fits the external size.

©Keith Barnes

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