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Photography Event Project – Dizzy Dogs

Here over at OSP Towers we get lots of requests to support, recommend, provide, find, you name it anything photographic comes our way. In general for anything that is even vaguely commercial we tell the sender in no uncertain terms to use a professional photographer and pay them. Everyone needs to earn a living and it is tough for photographers these days. You would, I am sure, be amazed how many requests we get for a student photographer to cover a wedding, to ‘help them with their portfolio’ yeah right! Who would use someone with no experience, amateur level cameras, no back up equipment,  and nothing to lose if it goes wrong to photograph the most important day of their lives. Cheapskates.

Sometimes we get a charity which genuinely needs help, and maybe offers something that would be more of a project than a commercial photography job. On our Intermediate Photography course we ask our students to find an event and offer their services to record and document, this is valuable to the student and may help the charity.

Today we were asked to help out with Dizzy Dogs Day (tail chasers I suspect), the request comes from Kat, so I guess she will be running around on the day, perfect name for a dog’s day out. Anyway all the information is on their website, if you feel like offering get in contact with Kat. dizzydogsday@hotmail.co.uk

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