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Views From the Night Sky: London and the U.K.

Oh my these are quite stunning, you must spend a while enjoying these gorgeous aerial images by Jason Hawkes. These I found on the excellent The Atlantic site, a source of just brilliant images from around the world, add The Atlantic to your list of must visits along with The Denver Post. Make sure you visit Jason Hawkes’ site, there are lots more to marvel at and you can create your own pdf of his wonderful images, what a star.

“Based just outside London, photographer Jason Hawkes has been making fascinating aerial images since 1991. One of his specialties is nighttime photography, where he mounts his camera to a gyro-stabilizer and takes photos directly from the open door of a helicopter. Jason has been generous to me over the years, and once again he has shared a group of stunning images. As we approach the London Summer Olympics, let Jason give you a preview tour of London and other cities in the U.K”

Night aerial view overlooking Bank and the City of London. (© Jason Hawkes)

Five a side football pitches, 20 Union Street, Manchester. (© Jason Hawkes)

Night aerial view over the River Clyde and Central Glasgow. (© Jason Hawkes)

Night aerial view over Swiss Re Tower, and the Lloyds Building, City of London.(© Jason Hawkes)

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