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96 Fantastic Photography Links

from Lightstalking By

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Dodging and Burning With a Purpose: Photoshop CS5 – Blake Rudis creates and shares a new 10 minute tutorial video that takes the viewer through the process of using the dodging and burning tool in Photoshop CS5.

HDR – The Capital Transit Snow Sweeper – Monochrome HTDS – Mark Neal shares a brief article on the drama inherent in monochromatic images.  Using a true HDR shot as the source, Mark takes us through his steps in converting this shot and posts examples of the workflow in progress.

Learning Speedlights – The First Step in Expanding Your Photography with Lighting – Chase Jarvis introduces us to what looks like a wonderful online workshop to help those just starting out with speedlights.  Mark Wallace hosts a 3 day symposium online that is free to register for that looks to be of huge benefit to those breaking into this genre of photography.


Return to the Penitentiary – a leader in the realm of incredible UrBex HDR photography, Mike (Theaterwiz) takes us deep inside the famous Eastern State Penitentiary for a close-up look at two presentations on display there.  You will find some of the most incredible colors, details and textures in these mesmerizing images.  Great drama is found in the details visible, but the real strength in these shots lies in what remains unanswered.  An absolute must-see post in this week’s list.

Hayley Lewis Photography – Hayley is an amazing 15 year old photographer with much passion and hope for her life.  She has a natural knack for photography, and her site contains some really great examples of her work broken down into categories.

Shepherd with 300 – the power of the ability to express scale and scope in a single image is shown in this great photograph by Marcin Sobas.  A shepherd works his flock on a beautiful hillside, and we get an incredible image that is sure to captivate the imagination of all who visit.

Tower of Dust – Mike Olbinski captures a stunning image of a natural phenomenon.  A massive dust cloud creates a scene of incredible drama, and Mike takes a picture that leaves the viewer absolutely astonished.

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