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Photography links of the week

The folks at Toad Hollow Photography never seem to rest.  This week’s list is a great compendium of some of the finest tutorials, photography and interesting blogs encountered during their weekly online adventures.  We really hope you enjoy viewing these works of art, produced by some mighty talented artists, as much as the Toad did in bringing the list to you.

As spring rolls in, the Toad has been busy with automotive car photography and this week’s feature “The Deafening Sound Of Fury” showcases a series of 30 HDR images captured during a recent slalom event hosted by the local Corvette club.  If you love supercars half as much as the Toad does, we think you’ll really enjoy this post!

here’s a sample for you


Tim Wallace Photographer: Automotive Car and Commercial Advertising Photography – we really love great photography of all things mechanical; cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, ride-on lawnmowers…  we love it all.  This week we have found the most incredible car photographer in Tim Wallace, and his site is a real must-see destination.  While you’re there, make sure to see his “Car Photography” page.

Grandpa’s Garage – another post that highlights a great automotive photograph.  Blake Rudis sneaks us all into his Grandpa’s garage where sits the most incredible Model T, and as chance would have it magical light comes through the window bathing the entire scene in an almost mystical luminescence.

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