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Invest a Few Hours With This Huge Collection of Photography Links

From Toad Hollow Photography via Lightstalking

Another incredible week rolls by and we find the Toad busy hopping all over the internet searching for tutorials, great photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone.  This week’s list presents a serious compilation of the best links he could find from some really incredibly talented photographers and artists.  We really hope you enjoy checking out these great works as much as the folks at Toad Hollow Photography enjoyed bringing them to you.

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Here is a taste

Stripes by DigitalArtBerlin, on Flickr


Topaz DeNoise For HDR – a 10 minute video takes us on a tutorial by Blake Rudis that shares his favorite presets for achieving the wonderfully photography work that he produces.  This presentation is particularly useful for photographers working in the realm of HDR imagery, as noise is a common and difficult problem to deal with.

Studio Photography Insights : shooting liquid, glass, how to deal with reflections on the glass and much more! – Alex Koloskov shares so much back to the photography community, it’s not even funny.  This is a great presentation that once again takes us behind the scenes on how to perform breathtaking product photography in a studio setting.

Portraits Using Ambient Lighting – a brief but very interesting post discussing the use of ambient lighting for portrait photography.  Doug Pruden shows us how to achieve a really great outcome with the simplest of equipment and lighting.

Photomatix HDR walkthrough – Tristan Jud delivers a great presentation on some of the basics of using Photomatix, one of the #1 HDR merging and tone-mapping applications out there.

Concert Photography Tips: Shooting Concerts Like a Pro! – a concise post that gives us a few important behind-the-scenes pointers on how to achieve great concert photography.  This is a tricky venue to master in photography, and each tip provided can really help with getting the results you want.

How to Engage Your Viewers by Creating a Moment of Discovery – a great article that discusses compositional techniques to achieve stunning and unique photography.  This is a very well-written piece, and is guaranteed to shed some light on this topic for readers of almost every skill level.


Adentrándose en Los Cerros – our very own @astaroth here on Light Stalking takes us on a journey exploring a vast park in his country.  Wonderful perspectives are shared here as well as some insights into his work.  This is a great post, one that is truly a must-see on this week’s list.

Asylum – an old abandoned asylum holds the keys to a wonderful mystery in this great video composed of a series of still images.  This is the culmination of a 7 month project with over 35,000 still images.  An absolutely epic piece, sure to mesmerize all who view it.

Caesars Atlantic City – some really great shadows and rich colors are presented in this architectural study of this famous location.  Jimi Jones captures a great and unique shot, sharing it here for everyone to enjoy.

Vibrant Music – Radio City Music Hall delivers some truly striking details and contrasts to enjoy in this top drawer image from Dave DiCello.  Great details emerge for the viewer as they spend time taking in the image, producing a mesmerizing image.

Flying In Ink – another unique image from the studio of Aaron Barlow showcases his special technique for the creation of images.  In this shot, a mighty heron is captured, resulting in a really wonderful photograph.

Asakusa,Tokyo by t-miki, on Flickr

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