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How to Come Up With Ideas for Your Own Photography Projects

One of the main points I teach is that it is difficult to just go out and take photographs. But if photography is your hobby that is what you are supposed to do, take pictures. This means that many times cameras only get an outing when their owners are on an outing, a walk, a visit to the seaside, a picnic, the zoo, name any activity that is a diversion from normal life and photography can be part of it, well maybe not going to the movies or the theatre but just about everything else. But if photography is your hobby then you need to be doing it more often than the occasional family trip out so how do you know what to photography.

I have taught on our Intermediate Photography Course for many years that themes and projects are a way of getting to use your camera on things that you might otherwise have overlooked. I have worked on different themes for more than 30 years, I always have a number running but some have staid the march of time and have entertained me for decades and always will.

This is what at Lighstalking starts her article with

“In this modern world, where nearly everyone has a camera of some sort, it can be difficult for a photographer to stand out in the crowd. Coming up with photography project ideas that are both creative and unique can be a daunting enterprise. If coming up with a project of your own is becoming a struggle, here are few tips to help get started.” read the rest of this article here

Tiffany makes many valid points and I agree with all she has to say but there is one thing I teach that might help you to work out what matters to you and what you can turn into a project.

Write down everything you care about, everything that interests you, then cross off from that list anything you could not photograph in your home town. So if you passionately care about polar bears and live in Oxford that would be one you would cross off your list. Eventually you will have a shortened list of the things you care about and are interested in and which you can photograph. These things are the basis of your projects or themes list and where you need to start photographing. You could do the same with photographers, write down those that you really like and then cross of any that you might have difficulty emulating, Ansel Adams and Yosemite Park might be difficult from the home counties, but Ralph Gibson’s graphic architecture might be possible.Then go out and find the images your favourite photographers might have captured.

Ansel Adams

Ralph Gibson

Click Here: How to Come Up With Ideas for Your Own Photography Projects

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