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89 Photography Links & Photographs

Via Lightstalking: The Toads return from a wonderful Easter weekend to share this week’s list of tutorials, great photography and interesting blogs encountered during their weekly adventures online.  This list contains some really wonderful photographs and images as delivered by some truly talented folks.  The Toad really hopes you enjoy viewing these pieces as much as he did in bringing the list to you.

Check out this weeks feature blog post “Glen Lake Elementary – Closing A Chapter” by the Toad himself, featuring an abandoned school that is about to be demolished and developed.

Here is a taste of what the Toad brings


Using Perfect Layers for focus stacking an image – this is a technique that has fascinated me personally for quite some time.  This requires a fairly complex series of procedures to achieve great results and this tutorial by Andy Gimino takes us in-depth into the practice.  This is a highly detailed and comprehensive guide to getting you started with this genre of imagery.

Photoshop CS 5: Selective Focusing – Blake Rudis takes us on a brief exploration of some specialized techniques for Photoshop.  Blake really knows his tools quite well, and delivers quite a bit of information in a 4 ½ minute video segment.

Student Work: Working With His ‘Artist Palette’ – various artistic elements are at play with this great shot, and Joe Baraban discusses these elements in detail.  This photography definitely leaves the viewer with more questions unanswered than otherwise, and is well worth the time to visit.


Clark School in Flint, Michigan – Part 2 – Scott Hovind continues his exploration of this iconic school in Flint, Michigan.  As time and Mother Nature begin the serious act of dismantling this wonderful old facility, a series of images that are totally haunting and captivating emerge from the chaos.  Truly, a must-see post in this week’s list.

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