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30+ Breathtaking Rock Formation Photography

From Tripwire Magazine by Sonny M. Day

Around the world, there are a lot of rock formations which are amazing to look at to say the least. How do these rocks come into being? What have they gone through before they become what they are – beautiful and wonderfully sculpted as if some intelligent being intervened in their making? This feeling of awe and appreciation about these nature’s wonders have lead some tribes living within the vicinity of some of these rock formations to regard them as dwelling places of gods or spirits. Well, who wouldn’t? Even people of today, with modern beliefs and technology cannot help but be filled with awe at the sight of these amazing rock formations. This appeal is what makes them popular subjects of photography.

Here in this post, we are sharing with you some breathtaking rock formations around the world which are famous because of their unique features. These photos are taken by photographers who like many of us, appreciate natural beauty and wonders. If you like this article, please help us spread by clicking our social media buttons. We will also be glad to hear your thoughts about these awesome rock formations. Enjoy!”..….MORE

Balanced Rock, Garden of Gods

Photo used under Creative Commons from outdoorPDK

Babele Romania

Photo used under Creative Commons from Alina1683

Great Ocean Roads

Photo used under Creative Commons from  Harsh1.0

Reed Flute Cave

Photo used under Creative Commons from roychung1993

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