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20 Photoshop Tutorials

In case you cannot wait for our next Photoshop course starting on 14th May these tutorials may get your going. Photoshop is one of Adobe’s most widely used products, however most users barely scratch the surface of the features the software offers. As people who love photography we come across great things that folks are doing with Photoshop on a daily basis. Below is a list of online tutorials we have stumbled on recently to help any user get more from Photoshop:

Here is the first …

How to Use Layers

Layers are the starting point of some incredible effects for photographers and an essential part of learning about what Photoshop can do for us.

BackgroundMe by mrhash, on Flickr

For a descriptive beginning tutorial for using layers the following tutorial adds more features, such as opaqueness and creating a montage using the layers menu.

Learn the 20 tutorials here

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