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Daily Archives: April 10, 2012

Need an Instagram Alternative? This Photo App Has Old-School Filters

So I am ambivalent about the use of camera phones for a means of making photographs. For me they are just too damn random, something which I am sure is part of the appeal to the regular user. I know people who just love Instagram, friends whose FB pages are just awash with rather boring images given a treatment to make them more interesting, my view is take better pictures. Anyway, not one to stand in the face of progress, I am no Canute or Luddite, here is a brief piece about an alternative to Instagram in case you are concerned by the world domination plans of Mark Zuckerberg.

“Many Instagram users decided to delete the app, after news broke of Facebook‘s $1 billion acquisition of the wildly popular photo app, with approximately 30 million users.

Regular smartphone photos may be too muted or rectangular for these former Instagram addicts. Enter Pinweel.

Instagram users expressed their concern with Facebook’s purchase of their favorite photo app due to privacy concerns. On the in-app camera, there is a simple on-screen flash button, one that rotates the frame and 10 beautiful filters to apply, named by years. Filter “1931″ makes square black-and-white photos, while “1987″ outlines photos like a Polaroid. Our favorite is “1999,” which washes frames over with a sunny yellow, orange tinge.

After the picture is taken, you can push it on Facebook or Twitter. You can also share photos with friends and family by creating private and public albums.”....MORE


A Brief Moment in Time

It was a grey Easter weekend, we had gone to the coast to get a little peace, take a few photos and chill. Last Easter we went to the same beach and it was sweltering with bright blue skies, this year it was wet, windy and oh so grey.

We stopped and looked at the dismal sight before us, was it even worth getting the cameras out? Not one to be outdone by mere trifles such as the weather we continued undaunted. I decided as landscapes would be pretty poor I would go for abstracts and close up shots and see what would come.

The beach in question was Dungeness in Kent, for those who are not aware, Dungeness is officially a desert, the only one on the UK mainland although it seemed pretty wet to me.

Dungeness is also a pebble beach not sand, but the low light…

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