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Photography tutorials and links for this week

Another batch of links, tutorials and interesting photo stuff from the Toad via Lihgtstalking

“This week has been filled with great photography, tutorials and interesting blogs as shared by some truly gifted artists.  The photography community has been busy, and Toad Hollow Photography has compiled this list of some of the very best pieces encountered during their weekly adventures.  We sincerely hope you enjoy viewing these posts as much at the Toad did in bringing this list to you.”

The Toad is offering several Limited Edition Prints for sale on his gallery, please feel to pop over and check them out.  These prints are only being offered in runs of 25, all printed on KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Metallic VC Digital Paper which brings an extra dimension to the images, almost giving them a 3D look.

MORE to READ here

Here is a taste of what there is to follow


High Dynamic Range (HDR): Part II – The Inner Sanctum of Photomatix Pro – a fairly detailed look into one of the premier software tools used widely by photographers for producing HDR images by Dakota Visions Photography.  Basic steps are outlined and tips are provided on the individual settings the software presents, demystifying the process.

A Simple 2 Light Setup for Great Portraits – Doug Pruden delivers a comprehensive piece sharing details on a simple 2 light setup that produces astonishing results for portrait based photography.  This is a well written piece, that is easy to follow and implement.

Food For Digital Thought: Incident vs Reflected Light – Joe Baraban produces another information-rich post detailing the different types of light.  Joe’s technical tips shed some important light on this complex subject; this is a must-read piece in this weeks list.

How Less Can be More in Photography Composition – a concise tutorial that discusses some of the finer points of photography composition.  This brief read will leave the viewer with a renewed view of the old expression “less is more”.


State of Decay – one of my favorite posts from this week, Chris Maskell shares a compelling and dramatic piece taken inside an abandoned derelict building.  The accompanying words and thoughts that Chris shares combines with the wonderful image to deliver a must-see piece in this weeks list.

Revisiting Padula – this breathtaking series of black-and-white images showcases an ancient monastery founded in 1306.    This epic series from the studio of Adam Allegro is sure to leave you breathless.

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