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How to Use Photoshop Curves to Correct Exposure and Colour

From the always useful Lightstalking site comes a brief tutorial By on the use of curves in Photoshop. I usually do most of my adjustments using levels but I do know that many people consider curves to be a much more delicate tool that allows for corrections not possible in levels. I do always make extra effort to get correct colour balance and exposure when I shoot so maybe I do not need the refinement of curves.

“In this brief tutorial, we will demonstrate the power of the curves tool in Photoshop to adjust exposure and color. The shot I am using has the potential to be a good photo, but as it was very much a quick grab, there was no time to adjust exposure or white balance. There are may facets to the curves tool, far too many to detail in a brief tutorial such as this, so we will show you the basics of adjusting the curve itself, to get you started on this powerful Photoshop tool.”

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