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Alex was a friend from the distant past when he used our darkrooms, that is when we had darkrooms for hire. Here is information about his latest publication

Alex Ramsay Photography, news and blog

Gardens of Cornwall is published today, with a lovely text by Katherine Lambert and (of course) pictures by me. If you know the south-west then you’ll know how wonderful these gardens are – if you don’t, buy the book and then go yourself. Now is the moment to be there. One picture below, but more can be found here.

The weekend saw a quick trip to Brighton, famous for dodgy antiques and mad regency architecture among many other things. It should also be famous for the daily flypast of the vast flocks of starlings that roost under the pier, a sight that regularly draws the crowds from the slot machines and reduces them to awed silence – pictures below (clicking on them gives you a larger image):

starling flock at sunset

starling flock at sunsetstarling flock at sunset

starling flock at sunsetstarling flock at sunset

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  1. Alex Ramsay March 1, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    Thanks Keith! How’s life in Oxford?

    • oxfordschoolofphotography March 1, 2012 at 12:48 pm

      Well the sun has finally broken through so things are looking up. Still being a commercial photographer and teaching through our school of photography. A good trip to Laos at Christmas was rejuvenating and I am back to Australia in December to shoot a wedding so as long as the 10 months in between those two stay sunny life will be good.

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