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Nikon D800 Review

From the very much trusted folk at DP Review

“There’s a lot of hyperbole in the camera industry, but every now and then it is justified. Specifically, we have no problem with describing the FX format Nikon D800 as one of the most keenly anticipated DSLRs in a long time. Coming a full 3 1/2 years after its predecessor the D700, Nikon’s newest DSLR offers a significantly more advanced feature set, including a pixel count of 36.3MP that – for now at least – bests the competition by a comfortable margin, and is comparable only with high-end medium format digital equipment.”…………..

“In terms of its core functionality, the D800 incorporates an extraordinary feature set, taking some of the most interesting technology from the D4 and coupling it with the highest resolution 36x24mm sensor on the market. At 36.3MP the $3000 D800 makes the $8000 D3X look distinctly irrelevant, and is right up there with medium format digital equipment in terms of output size (and file size – 36.3MP .NEF files will take up approximately 76.5MB on a memory card). This makes it very attractive, potentially, to studio and landscape photographers who value resolution over speed. This is even more true of the D800E, which without a low-pass filter should in theory get very close to the sort of output that studio photographers would expect from much more costly medium format digital equipment.

Exactly how good the D800’s image quality turns out to be is something that we’re very keen to establish. On balance, increased pixel count generally counts as a good thing in everyday photography. The most important ‘headline’ benefits, all other things being equal, are that you get more detail in your images and greater scope for cropping. But there are potential downsides, too. The D3X, Nikon’s current flagship, makes very high demands on lenses at ‘only’ 24MP and we wouldn’t be surprised if some of the optics which D700 owners love so much don’t shine quite so brightly at 100% on screen when bolted on front of a 36.3MP sensor…”………Read the full report here

2 responses to “Nikon D800 Review

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