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Studio Flash Repairs

All professional photographers have flash units, studio based or portables that are the means by which they can take photographs, when like today, it is grey and wet outside. I have used a range of different flash types in the past but the make I always had in my studio cabinets and in my travel bags were Bowens. These were not the most expensive but were the best value of all the makes out there and the most robust, and now since 1982 they have been my choice. The problem is that when things go wrong where do you turn. I was fortunate to discover a repair service and a very nice and helpful man called Brian Chapman. He recently joined us in the 21st century and now has a website where you can contact him.

“Repairers of Bowens – Monolights, Quad systems, Quadmatic, Esprit, Estime etc, Courtenay, Multiblitz, Prolinca and Elinchrom photoflash lights for over 40 years.

I have worked for companies such as Bowens and Courtenay so I can look at any type and age of Bowens Flash Lighting and Courtenay Lights.

All repairs are guranteed and equipment is repaired by a highly experienced ex Bowens technician with over 40 experience.

All equipment considered for repair and refurbishment, plus servicing of any lighting system whether at our workshop or at your studio. We also offer loan equipment as a temporary replacement while your equipment is being repaired.

A 24hr repair service is available on request subject parts availability.

Plus supplies of replacement parts and secondhand flash lights for many brands including older and rare bowens and other manufacturers. We hold stock of a huge range of parts to keep your systems operational.”

If only I had found Brian before I had skipped all my old Bowens Quad boxes and heads, as you can see he repairs all sorts of flash heads not just Bowens. Here is a link to his site and contact details

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