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Architecture Photography – some very unusual buildings

Whilst wandering the wonder web I found this site with about 50 really unusual buildings. This post is less about the photography, although some of the images are beautifully photographed, but more about the subjects themselves.

See more here


Thanks to brocha,Kikos Dad,manuelfloresv,Mélisande*,addicted Eyes,jonathan_moreau,ken ratcliff,vpzone,JonasPhoto,santanartist,jemil75,marj k,luckyfukr,tj.blackwell,pict_u_re,angelocesare,Jsome1,James Gordon,nicolasnova,cypherone @ Taiwan, melinnis, Pricey, ledsmagazine.com,Michael McDonough,Liao Yusheng,disgustipado,MACSURAK,Fin Fahey,Dom Dada,deputy-dog.com,dbking,f2g2,easement,b2tse, wallyg, Edouard55, karenchu121,Live Simply,the naked fauxtographer,iessi,Lawrie Cate, iterby,ryanfb,Argenberg,kamoda,ewen and donabel,Bekah267,hewy for image sharing.

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