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Black and White Photography

We have a Black and White Digital Photography course starting in March and we are very aware of the great demand and pleasure photographers have for black and white images, this article by Tara Hornor on January 13, 2012 on Tripwire states the obvious and has some excellent images to back up the comments

“Black and white photography has the unique ability to create a stunning image but leaves room for imagination at the same time. The lack of color in a photo can add a mysterious tone to a wall piece or can give a printed brochure a sophisticated look. Black and white landscape photography is no exception and this collection looks at some famous and unique examples. In keeping with the idea of leaving room for the imagination, we found some B&W photos from yesteryear when technique trumped technology. Check out these contrasting styles and methods, starting with the master, Ansel Adams. If you like this style of photography you should check out this black and white wallpaper collection”  If you want to see more go here

Ansel Adams


Bill Lockharts


Brad Fernihough


Dakota Visions Photography LLC


Jeff Lynch


John Brady


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