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Daily Archives: December 29, 2011

Understanding Your Digital SLR Photography Course 2012

We run this course a number of times each term, the first start date for 2012 is 11th January. This is a 4 session evening class, 2 hours each session spread over 4 weeks. Personally I like the 4 session version of this course because students have the opportunity to go away and practice for a week and then return with questions. Practice is the route to understanding.If you would like to read more about this course here is a link to the main page and this link takes you to the page with full specifications

Although the studio and office is closed until 9th January we are trying to monitor emails from afar so if you would like to take this course please send us an email. If we don’t get back to you immediately we will on our return. Places will be available on the courses we run later in the term.