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Daily Archives: December 20, 2011

Photography on the iPad: The Road to Success?

I have an ipad, you do too probably, I had not thought of it as a main creative medium, or as a means or reaching new audiences but that is what is suggested here in an article by Olivie Laurent in the BJP.

“Photographers are increasingly experimenting with Apple’s iPad as a way to reach new audiences and gain financial independence from traditional revenue sources. But is the strategy working? Olivier Laurent speaks with Kadir van Lohuizen, who has developed the Via PanAm”

“The idea was to see and investigate whether we could regain our independence as authors,” says Kadir van Lohuizen, a Noor photographer, who, for the past year, has been travelling the Americas for the production of the Via PanAm iPad application. “It might still be a little bit early to say, but in the end, I think I’m going to make it financially.”

Via PanAm is a diary of van Lohuizen’s journey from Chile to Alaska. Each week, and sometimes even every single day, the photographer shares his photographic reports – the stories of people that he has encountered on his travels.……MORE
Via PanAm. Imagecourtesy of Paradox and Kadir van Lohuizen / Noor.