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Photography tutorials, links, interesting blogs, the one’s you may have missed

It’s that time of the week again when you get to have a look at some of the best tutorials, links and photographers posted on the photography blogs of the world in the last 7 days. Every time I look through these I find something interesting or inspiring. Any image that makes me want to pick up my camera and go out and shoot is a good picture. As always collated by those guys in Canada, Toad Hollow Photography and brought to you via those other guys over in Australia Lightstalking, what a service they bring. Here is that link to all that loveliness

and here is a picture of the week from Time Magazine

Cai Bing—XINHUA/ZUMA Press

Here is a taste of just a few of those links available from Toad Hollow/Lightstalking


A Step-By-Step Guide to Shooting Your First Product Photograph – this is a fabulous and thought-provoking tutorial that discusses product photography, and specifically lighting.  Some great insight, tips and tricks are shared here which can help everyone understand how to effectively provide lighting for this style of photography.

Boudoir Part 8 : Complex Light – another installment in Erik Kerstenbecks running series shows us how to achieve a specific look and style in the world of boudoir photography.  A behind the scenes look at the setup gives the reader a deeper look, well worth the time to visit.

Boudoir Part 9: Simple Lighting – a follow-up to the previous link, this post showcases the results of simple lighting.  Erik Kerstenbeck shares some great insider tips and tricks and discusses how this style of photography can be accomplished with minimal gear.  A great and short article to read.

Using Camera Angles in Photography – a must read guide for how to use alternative camera angles to express your desired vision photographically.  A well written and thought-provoking piece, this is sure to give almost everyone a fresh insight into composition.

Dodging and Burning – a great video tutorial sharing tips and secrets on how to properly dodge and burn HDR photos.  Well worth the time to view, this is a great resource to take in.

Custom Brushes – The Secret of Background Effects – a how-to guide showing you some tips and tricks on creating a bokeh effect in your photography without the need of any plug-ins.  This is a great post, well worth the time to read.


One response to “Photography tutorials, links, interesting blogs, the one’s you may have missed

  1. stuart conway February 3, 2012 at 1:24 pm

    Simply amazing , very emotionally touching image.

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